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   Please note, this bibliography is NOT intended to be a complete listing of fantasy books. The data is based on my own book collection. Furthermore, this is "fantasy-only" listing and included titles are basically fantasy (though there are many "in-between" titles). Titles in red color are the ones I don't own yet (meaning, "they are on order and/or waiting for mmpb edition, and/or searching")
   Cover images are used by kind permission from Tor Books, DelRey Books and/or through partner program.
   Fantasy Books included in this list covers those published in the U.S.A, UK, and Australia.

   Author indices include pseudonyms as it appears on the book and it is linked to real name (or more familiar name) when the data is available. (Indicated by "a.k.a." also known as, or "writing as") Publication dates when indicated are basically 1st published year (in the format I purchased) from that publisher and not always the first book publication. Sometimes publication years of both hardcover (or trade paperback) and mmpb editions are indicated like (2000/2002) It means hardcover (or trade paperback) is published in 2000 and mmpb in 2002.

Newly added data: Price, E. Hoffmann: The Jade Enchantress, Arnason, Eleanor: The Sword Smith, Williams, Tad: Shadowmarch
Sword and Sorceress Terry Goodkind: Chainfire Year's Best Fantasy & Horror: Seventeenth Annual Collection Steven Erikson: Midnight Tides Julian May: Conqueror's Moon