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   If you know some interesting fantasy (non-English) please let me know. Information on German fantasy is somewhat lacking. I'll welcome your information! Actually, there are many fantasy books I have not purchased yet... I'm a bit behind with German collection :-( Years ago, I could ask for publishers' catalogues through mail order book shops, but as the internet becomes buyers' main tool, they no longer prepare their printed catalogues... pity....
   This page lists fantasy books written in German language.

   Please note, I excluded English-fantasy-translated-into-German but included other translated works (Dutch, Polish etc.)
   Titles in red color are the ones I have not purchased yet (meaning "they are on order or to be purchased, or searching")

   Cover images are used by kind permission from Bastei Lübbe and/or through partner program.

Nebelkinder Buch der Erkenntnis Kinder von Erin Kinder von Avalon purchase at purchase at purchase at Zwerge