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  American Publisher
  • Arx Publishing A publishing house. From the modern fantasy novel to the ancient epic poem.

  • Baen Books SF & Fantasy publisher. Their Home Page has a lot of cover images.

  • Daw Books A well-known SF & Fantasy publisher.

  • Del Rey Books Famous publisher of SF & Fantasy books. I loved their Ballantine Adult Fantasy series. Many titles are published monthly. Their web-site is very informative.

  • Eos Used to be Avon Books' Eos line. Now, under HarperCollins Group.

  • Firebird Penguin Putnam's new fantasy and SF imprint.

  • Meisha Merlin Publishing reprints many good SF/Fantasy. Mainly softcover trade books and occasional hardcovers.

  • Random House Random House has "Bantam Spectra" and "Del Rey" lines and I couldn't find Spectra's Web-site. This link should suffice for now...

  • Tor Books This publisher is one of the major fantasy publishers.

  • Warner Aspect Time Warner Bookmark's imprint of SF & Fantasy.

  • Wizards of the Coast is well known for their Dungeons & Dragons game and other RPGAs. They also publish SF & Fantasy books of their game worlds.

  UK/Australian Publisher
  German Publisher
  • Bastei Lübbe German publisher. Original SF/Fantasy and translations.

  • Heyne Verlag German publisher. Publishes many original and translated fantasy books.

  • Ueberreuter German publisher. Juvenile fantasy oriented.

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