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   Comic Fantasy (or humorous fantasy) is a sub-genre of Fantasy fiction. It is as the word implies. The content and/or tone is comical, funny, humorous, hilarious or whatever, sometimes/often with puns and parodies of other famous works or authors. Most titles have comical cover illustrations as well and it helps to determine if they belong to this genre or not.
But it is difficult to define strictly what titles/contents belong to this genre... sometimes the tone is humorous but several works have more severe or satirical undertone rather than being just humorous.
   This list of comic fantasy includes titles from my standpoint. I included what I thought humorous/comical in nature. It goes without saying that basic works such as Terry Pratchett's, Tom Holt's, and others' are included, but in some cases, it might differ from other similar lists.

Well, it's sometimes difficult to understand the humor for non-English speakers such as I. Some authors' works are quite enjoyable but alas, one needs to know their culture and/or history more deeply to fully appreciate the implied jokes/humor...

I'm still building up this list from my database. I'll try to finish it asap although there never will be a "complete" list. :-P
 Parodies of Famous Fantasy
Bored of the Rings
  Harvard Lampoon Staff
Bored of the Rings
Publisher: New American Library

A Parody of J.R.R. Tolkien's the Lord of the Rings

Dildo Bugger, Frito, Goodgulf and Sorhed... oh, well...
First published from Signet Books in 1969 (cover indicated above) and now reprinted in new cover.
The Roadkill of Middle Earth
  John Carnell
Roadkill of Middle Earth
Publisher: iBooks 2001
Illustrator: Tom Sutton

A short (around 60 pages) illustrated parody.
There is no need to say that this is a parody of "the Lord of the Rings", right? The place is Middle Terra Firma, the wizard is Randolf... Funny? Judge by yourself...
Barry Trotter and the Unauthorized Parody
  Michael Gerber
Barry Trotter
Publisher: Fireside
Illustrator: Rodger Roundy

This book is a parody of Harry Potter. Get the signed copy from the author :-) Check Barry Trotter Web-page for details.
The Soddit
  Adam Roberts Publisher: Gollancz (UK)
Illustrator: Douglas Carrel

This time it is "The Hobbit". Bingo Sac Grabbins and wizard Gandef...
I found this link page while browsing. It collects a lot of Tolkien related parodies on the Net. Have some fun :-)

God: The Ultimate Autobiography / Satan: The Hiss and Tell Memoirs
  Jeremy Pascal
Although this is not actually a "fantasy" but it's famous :-P
Very funny. "God" is an autobiography of God and "Satan," of Satan. GOD: There is no beginning and He doesn't have the end, so the book could be endless... and nobody would survive to read it to the end (and there is no end, that is.) SATAN: Counterpart of the God... a autobiography of the Prince of the Darknesses. Published by Pan Books (UK) in 1989.

 American Comic/Humorous Fantasy
I have listed series name only where applicable. Please check my main database (Fantasy Books in Englsih) by clicking the series links for individual titles included in that series.

- Xanth Series
I believe, there is no need to introduce this series, right? :-) I enjoyed the first three volumes and some others in this series.
Check Xanth series at

A Spell for Chameleon Source of Magic Castle Roogna Night Mare Man from Mundania The Dastard
- Myth Series
Skeeve, the apprentice magician and his scaly mentor, Aahz and ex-assassin Tanda overcome various "myth-adventures" :-) This series is fun.

Another Fine Myth Myth Conceptions Myth Directions Little Myth Marker Myth-Nomers and Im-Pervections Myth-Ion Improbable
- Alchemy sequence
Maybe not quite a comic fantasy but there is enough humorous undertone.

- Daimbert sequence
Daimbert is a wizard but not good at it. He becomes Royal Wizard in the kingdom of Yurt and there are always troubles... even in such a small kingdom. Again, not quite a comic fantasy but humorous nonetheless.

A Bad Spell in Yurt The Wood Nymph and the Cranky Saint Daughter of Magic The Witch & the Cathedral Is This Apocalypse Necessary?
Many of this author's works are humorous fantasy.
- Demons sequence
- Gnome sequence
- Majyk sequence
- New York By Knight
- Elf Defense
- Druid's Blood
- Sphynxes Wild
- Yesterday We Saw Mermaids
- Wishing Season
- Split Heirs (with Roger Zelazny)

Heroes Wanted - "Heroes" series

Mall Purchase Night The Wizardry Consulted The Wizardry Quested - Wiz Series
- Mall Purchase Night

Author of many Star Trek novels. Works listed in my main list are all humorous.
Sir Apropos of Nothing Knight Life - Knight Life series
- Sir Apropos of Nothing (series?)
- Howling Mad

Author of many books, including Conan novels. Many of the titles, such as "Incomplete Enchanter" series and "Reluctant King" sequence are humorous fantasy. Look up my main lists for individual titles.

Many of the works are humorous. Individual titles are listed in the main database.

A Malady of Magicks A Multitude of Monsters A Night in the Netherhells A Difficulty With Dwarves An Excess of Enchantments A Disagreement With Death - Ebenezum Trilogy
- Ballad of Wuntvor
- Cineverse Cycle
- Sinbad Series

- Infernal Devices

Dudgeon and Dragons The Domesticated Wizard - Kedrigern Series
The first Kedrigern book, "A Voice for Princess" was published in 1986. Now, the whole series is being reprinted and new stories will be published from Meisha Merlin Publishing. Kedrigern the wizard dislikes to travel. One day he finds/rescues a princess turned into a talking toad. And the result? A human princess with a voice of a toad...

These books are not actually in the genre of humorous fantasy but near, anyway. Co-authored two "Incomplete Enchanter sequence" with L. Sprague DeCamp.
- A Wizard in Rhyme
- Warlock series

Murphy's Lore: Through the Drinking Glass Murphy's Lore : Tales from Bulfinche's Pub Callahan's Crosstime Saloon in a fairy land. You can guess the contents. :-)
- Murphy's Lore series

- Logical Magician sequence

A Farce to Be Reckoned With Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming Author of many SF/Fantasy novels and well-known Amber series. There are several other titles which could be considered humorous.
- Azzie Elbub sequence

- Practical Demonkeeping

 UK/Australian Comic Fantasy
Shapestone Ronan's Revenge Check individual titles in my database. They are all humorous fantasy. Ronan series is, sort of, a Conan parody.

  John Brosnan   Australian author.
Have Demon, Will Travel Damned and Fancy - "Damned and Fancy" series

High History of the Holy Quail - The High History of the Holy Quail
This title is a print-on-demand book. Volume the First in the End of All Magick Saga.

Talonspotting The Deity Dozen Fahrenheit 666 The Tome Tunnel The Frogs of War The Scrying Game Humorous fantasy author. Look at my main database.

Little People Falling Sideways Nothing But Blue Skies Paint Your Dragon Grailblazers Flying Dutch All of his books in my database are humorous fantasy.

  Diana Wynne Jones   British author.
Tough Guide to Fantasyland - The Tough Guide to Fantasyland
This is not actually a novel, but is really entertaining and hilarious. I loved it.

  Tanith Lee   British author.
- The Dragon Hoard

The Colour of Magic Eric The Light Fantastic Reaper Man Mort Jingo Perharps the most famous author in this humorous fantasy genre. See my database for individual titles.

Fandom of the Operator Website Story Armageddon III: the Remake He is humorous fantasy author. I think all his books are in this genre. There are many others which I do not have in my library.

 Anthologies of Humorous Fantasy
  edited by Esther M. Friesner
The Chick is in the Mail Chicks 'N Chained Males Did You Say Chicks?!: Smile When You Say That Chicks in Chainmail - "Chicks" series

  edited by Mike Ashley
Mammoth Book of Seriously Comic Fantasy Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy Mammoth Book of Awesome Comic Fantasy - The Mammoth Book of Awesome Comic Fantasy
- The Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy
- The Mammoth Book of Seriously Comic Fantasy

  edited by Peter Haining
Knights of Madness The Flying Sorcerers The Wizards of Odd - The Wizards of Odd
- he Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy
- Knights of Madness: Further Comic Tales of Fantasy

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