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  • Book World: (Main cotents) List of fantasy authors and titles, with some reviews.
  • Pili Budaixi: (UTF-8 coded) Introduction to Taiwanese Fantastic TV Series "Pili Budixi"
  • Miscellaneous: Some items which cannot be included in other contents.
  • Gallery: (UTF-8 coded) Original Fantasy Artworks.
  • Links: Links of Interest.
  • Guestbook: UTF-8 coded multilingual guestbook. Please leave your message!

"BIBLIOHOLICA" biblio-holic-a (n.): A lone island in the internet-world created by the webmaster. A danger zone with occasional disasters such as falling or collapse of books.
"biblio-holic" (adj.): 1. Related to or resulting from books. 2. Suffering from biblioholism. "biblio-holic" (n.): A person who devours books habitualy and to excess or who suffers from biblioholism. A person who cannot refuse the tantalizing allurement of books and/or displays unnatural dependency on books or written materials. It is said this disease is an incurable ailment. (source: Encyclopedia Biblioholicadia)
Welcome to Biblioholica... the book database and other fantasy related materials.

This website is under redesigning procedure. Please forgive this screwed up appearances.

Well, well, I have not updated my site for a while. That's because I am making this site xhtml compatible. I know nothing about xhtml, and it will take a bit more time to update...

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