Those listed here are all related to fantasy. I have included several Japanese materials. You'll need understanding of Japanese language to read them but I thought it might be interesting and someone just might find these of some use.... Anyway, just for your reference!

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  • The Tough Guide to Fantasyland
  • by Diana Wynne Jones (Vista 1996, ISBN 0-575-60106-X)
  • Yosei Jiten (Dictionary of Fairies) visitors from the other world
  • ed. by Sami Shinosaki (Sony Magazines 2000, ISBN 4-7897-1586-8)
  • Seiyo Shinmei Jiten (Dictionary of Goddesses and Gods)
  • ed. by Atsushi Yamakita (Shin Kigensha 1999, ISBN 4-88317-342-9)
  • The MUP Encyclopaedia of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • ed. by Paul Collins (Melbourne University Press 1998, ISBN 0-522-84802-8)
  • The Dictionary of Imaginary Places
  • ed. by Alberto, Manguel & Gianni Guadalupi (Harcourt Brace, ISBN 0-15-100541-9)
  • The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Fantasy The Definitive Illustrated Guide
  • (Carlton Books, ISBN 1-85868-373-4)
  • Mukashi-Banashi/Densetsu Hikkei (Folk Story and Legend Companion)
  • ed. by Jyun'ichi Nomura (Gakutohsha 1992, ISBN 4-312-00532-X)
  • Japanese Mythological Dictionary
  • ed. by Taryou Ohbayashi (Yamato Shobo 1997, ISBN 4-479-84043-5)
  • Zenkoku Youkai Jiten (Subject-book of Nation-wide Japanese monsters)
  • ed. by Mikio Chiba (Shogakukan 1995, ISBN 4-09-460074-4)
  • Youkai Jiten (Subject-book of Japanese monsters)
  • ed. by Kenji Murakami (Mainichi Shinbunsha 2000, ISBN 4-620-31428-5)
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