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Title: Anatomy of Wonder - A Critical Guide to Science Fiction
(Third Edition)
Editor: Barron, Neil
Publisher: R. R. Bowker
ISBN: 0-8352-2312-4

"Fantasy Literature - A Reader's Guide" is a companion title to this one.
Published in 1987. This reference covers SF titles mainly. Useful and informative reference. A must-have for fans of this genre.

Title: Fantasy Literature - A Reader's Guide
Editor: Barron, Neil
Publisher: Garland Publishing
ISBN: 0-8240-3148-2

Another useful reference.
Not many authors are listed compared to Clute's "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy" but each entry has a kind of review and very useful to grasp the outline. Published in 1990.

Title: The Dictionary of Imaginary Places
Editor: Alberto, Manguel & Gianni Guadalupi
Publisher: Harcourt Brace
ISBN: 0-15-100541-9

This newly updated and expanded edition is a wonderful reference for fantasy lovers. It even includes "Cthulhu" related places. A must have for genre lovers.
The Dictionary of Imaginary Places at
Title: The Encyclopedia of Fantasy
Editor: Clute, John & John Grant
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0-312-15897-1

Although a bit expensive ($75.00) this encyclopedia is a "must have" for any fantasy collectors. This book covers many authors who had not been listed in any other of this kind. Over 4,000 entries. Great and useful.
The Encyclopedia of Fantasy at
Title: The MUP Encyclopaedia of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy
Editor: Collins, Paul
Publisher: Melbourne University Press
ISBN: 0-522-84802-8

This is, as the title indicates, a reference of Australian SF and Fantasy. Australian SF/fantasy is sometimes forgotten although it is written in English and many are published in the USA or UK. Here are many noticeable works by Australian authors. A quite interesting work and it should be useful to many collectors.
This encyclopaedia covers all Australian science fiction and fantasy author, books, stories, important fanzines etc. Get one!

Title: Science Fiction and Fantasy Series and Sequels  Volume1: Books
Editor: Cottrill, Tim: Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh
Publisher: Garland Publishing
ISBN: 0-8240-8671-6

Published in 1986 as one of Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, this books is out-of-date.But the list is very simple and easy to use. Author name and his/her series with titles. Useful if you just want to check some old series and titles.

Title: The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Fantasy: The Definitive Illustrated Guide
Editor: Pringle, David
Publisher: Carlton Books
ISBN: 1-85868-373-4)

This is an entertaining encyclopedia of fantasy genre. Surveying the types of fantasy, cinema, television, games and magazines. Colour and B/W photos and illustrations from famous scenes and various resources are fun by themselves. Unfortunately, the word "Ultimate" is an exaggeration.
The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Fantasy at
Title: ABC for Book Collectors
Editors: John Carter & Nicolas Barker
Publisher: Oak Knoll Press
ISBN: 1-884718-05-1

This is a kind of dictionary for book collectors. There are many description of book-related terms which I found VERY useful and Informative. Easy to look up. Also this book shows you where the half-title, free endpaper, etc. are placed. If you are interested in books, this copy is a must for you.
ABC for Book Collectors
Title: BIBLIOHOLISM - The Literary Addiction
Author: Tom Raabe
Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing

This is a book for "biblioholic". Very funny. If you think you might be one of these addicts, try a test in this book. You'll find out how far you've gone into the long way. (grin)
Title: Browne Candidate (SF/Romance)
Author: Nicole Givens Kurtz
Publisher: Crystal Dreams Publishing
ISBN: 1-59146-025-5

By eighteen, Aurora Browne had already birthed three children for three different families on behalf of the Candidacy program. The Candidacy serves to assist wealthy women produce children, in a cold desolate world where few can produce healthy children on their own.
With her latest assignment for the Williamses, Browne learns of another world outside the Candidacy's stone walls of confinement and enslavement from Bain, the Williamses' butler. It is a world free of labels, where people like them can be free. Browne soon realizes that she's in love with Bain. Love is a forbidden act for Candidates. Their bodies belong solely to the Candidacy. It is partially for this love that Browne contemplates escape. The last attempt almost cost her life, and she has the scars to prove it.
Will her newfound knowledge of freedom and love result in her death or in her rebirth as a free Candidate?
- from the author's own summary
(uploaded by the author's permission)
Check out the author page for details

The world setting of this story is in a rather desolate future. Poor people got enslaved legally without any freedom or free will. Parents sell their own daughter for money to the Candidacy. The young protagonist is a strong-willed girl and much spirited considering the circumstance of her upbringing at the Candidacy. But the rebellious heroine is a jewel in this evil system. The setting is SF but can be read mostly as a romance. Good characterization with much activity in this novel-length. The deployment of the plot is straight and direct. A "drama" might be the right word for this story.
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