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Wheel of Time series by R.Jordan This page introduces several fantasy works by the hand of Japanese writers. If you can understand Japanese, please go to my Japanese page. I've listed over several thousand books there and much more reviews on Japanese books (in Japanese)...
Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind There are quite a lot of translated works published in Japan. Many Japanese read such entertaining books. For example, Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" titles are being translated.  Other famous writers' works are also available in Japanese. To name a few, David Eddings, Phyllis Eisenstein, Robert Asprin, Piers Anthony, Gordon R. Dickson, Raymond E. Feist, Terry Brooks, Alan Dean Foster, Tanith Lee, et al.
Along with these translations, great number of original fantasy (or its relative...) books are published every month. (I'm not going to comment on their quality, though :-P)
There are several good works among those published, but unfortunately, none of such Japanese fantasy is translated into English as far as I know. (Kaoru Kurimoto's works are rare exception.)
Crystal Dragon I suppose my English is not good enough to introduce them fully but I'll try to give you gists of such works.(The transliterations of names are at my own discretion. If there are already acknowledged spelling in English, please let me know. )
I was going to introduce only Japanese fantasy "novels". But as many of you know, Japan has its famous (?) genre "manga" (manga: Japanese comic book) I am not much of a manga reader, but occasionally read fantasy related ones. There are several series, which I find very enjoyable and decided to include them in this section. There might be translations of these works somewhere.
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