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Japanese manga author.
Her penwork is detailed and background scenery is skillfully done. Compared to other manga writer, her physique drawing is exceeds average. The facial features is a matter of taste but all in all, her penwork is very subtle and enjoyable.
Her stories ranges from horror to comedy, but I believe, fantasy is her best!
Crystal Dragon 22 Crystal Dragon 21 Crystal Dragon 20 Crystal Dragon 19 Crystal Dragon 18 Crystal Dragon 17 Crystal Dragon 16
Crystal Dragon is published from Akita Shoten and there are 22 volumes to date (as of Dec. 2004). New episodes still appear serially in Bonita Comics, a periodical comic magazine.
The 1st volume appeared in 1982 and the latest volume 22nd in 2004. (Once it halted with volume 14th, but resumed at later time.)

This story has a strong Celtic background (downright Celtic :-) In later deployment, though, Nordic and Roman legends got mingled. Female protagonist whose clan had been conquered by another travels a long way seeking help. That is a start of this long, complicated story. The travel is rich with adventure, magic, intrigue, and riddles. Time and place blurred and various powers mingled. The enemy himself is rather well drawn along with his elder sister, whose only wish is a power for her brother. Good adventure/quest with an impressive concept. The scope is getting larger and larger, its story getting complicated. I only hope the author can finish this series without ending in deadlock.

-- Brief sketch of a starting plot --

A girl called Arianrhod was one day "named" by a traveling stranger. To be given one's own "name" is a very important matter in life because the "name" reveals one's own "self." To be taken control of that "name" is to submit the very soul of his/her beings. The one who knows the "name" can have the absolute power over that person. The traveler with shining silver hair is called Legion. After naming Arianrhod, He gives Arianrhod a dwarf-made circlet for her keeping. When Driscoll the druid found out that a stranger, whom apparently had affinity of Sidhe, had named Arianrhod, took her in as his apprentice. Time passes, and the new chieftain of deep valley, Balor, threatened the peace of clans. One day, Arian's clan had been attacked and eliminated, women captured. Arian's friend (well, they quarrel a lot and do not like each other, actually) Henruda, daughter of the chieftain was captured. Arian's master Driscoll also perishes in the fire after entrusting the "name" of fire element to Arian. Arian travels to rescue Henruda, thinking to re-build the clan with chieftain's daughter as a figurehead. Although they succeed freeing from the dreadful place with help from Paralda, the Lord of the Wind elementals, there are unknown power working between Balor and Arian. Balor the one eye had cursed Henruda and orders his trusted coachman Griffis after Arian. Arianrhod, the half-trained Druidess leaves Erin seeking a person who can help them.
After that, things got complicated. Balor's people got transmuted to demonic figure, affected and tainted by the power called up by Erata the Druidess for her brother. The secret of Legion and other prominent figures enter the story. With an impressive line-up of strong characters, this story is getting more interesting.

If you'd like to read more about this series, just let me know :-)
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