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She writes fantasy but also noted for her Lovecraftian (Cthulhu) works. Her work covers many genres; fantasy, horror, mystery, etc...
Vols.1-3, "The Leopard Mask" "Warrior in the Wilderness" and "The Battle of Nospherus" have come out in the USA.
Vertical,Inc., who is publishing Japanese fiction, will produce the first five volumes. A contract for 5 titles is a safe enough judgement considering the quality of later sequels. Earlier titles are OK (around 20 volumes)... but later ones? Silence.

This is one of the best known heroic fantasy (and longest) series in Japan (maybe even in the world from the standpoint of its titles alone...) In the end, this series will consist of 100 volumes (!) and a dozen or more of side story titles. So far, over 90 books including side stories, are published.
OK, it's long, then how's its quality? One might ask that. Well, the story just continues and continues, with a bunch of protagonist. I can say the characters are well realized (who can't? with so many books to describe them...). As I said, I can recommend earlier titles (do not go beyond vol. 16) but later works are sometimes not worth reading. As a longest series (Guinness class?) and considering its historical (in view of Japanese heroic fantasy) importance, you might want to try the translations.... It has some interesting developments.
I liked the earlier part of the series myself and still buy the books when a new title comes up. But as a whole, the quality varies drastically.
(I stopped purchasing this series as of 2004. I thought to complete the whole titles as the author said the target was 100 but now, she is saying this will not end with volume 100th. Well, well, dear author, I cannot follow you anymore. Bye bye and good luck.)
One of the main (this is the leading character) protagonists is a man with a head of panther. There is a lot of politics, intrigues, rescue, quest, magic, mystery and so on. Sometimes, her style centers on monologue like musing and it lags lags and lags! ... She has enthusiastic bunch of Guin fans and her new title often gets best seller in bookshops. (A wonder if one considers its quality.) Compared to a lot of other fantasy, this work stands out well enough for better or for worse.

Each volume has an English title along with (of course,) Japanese one. I've listed that English title and the original Japanese title transliteration. I think the English titles convey the meaning of original ones fairly well.
vol 77 Earie Eclipse vol 73 The Most Mightful Magus vol 81 Sinister Signs vol 80 The Flying of the Fate vol 89 The Sapling of Satan vol 87 The Time of the Threnetic Time vol 86 The Wheel of the Weirds vol 85 The Moment of the Mirage vol 84 The Fires of Fate vol 96 Purchase the series from
Here it goes! nearly 100 volumes already...
Main Story
Japanese Title
English Title
1. Hyoto-no KamenPersona of Panther
2. Koya-no SenshiWarrior in the Wilderness
3. Nospherus-no TatakaiNodus at Nospherus
4. Lagonn-no RyoshuLeashed in Lagonn
5. Henkyo-no OjyaMaster of the Marches
6. Earlog-no KokutaishiThe Ebony Prince of Earlgos
7. Bohkyo-no Sei-souseijiHallowed Twins' Home-coming
8. Crystal-no In'bohThe Crystal Conspiracy
9. Guren-no ShimaThe Infernal Island
10. Shi-no Kon'reiMurder and Matrimony
11. Sogen-no Fu'unjiSwordman in the Steppe
12. Kurenai-no MisshiScarlet Secret-Service
13. Crystal-no Han'ranCounterattack in Crystal
14. Fukushu-no MegamiThe Avenging Angel
15. Torus-no TatakaiTorus Terminus
16. Paro-eno KikanHomecoming Honors
17. San'nin-no HouroushaThree Travelers
18. Cylon-no AkuryoCursed Cylon
19. Nospherus-no ArashiNefarious Nospherus
20. Saliah-no MusumeSteelmaiden of Saliah
21. Kokuyoukyu-no In'bohOdium Obsidianum
22. Un'mei-no IchinichiA Day of Destiny
23. Kaze-no YukueWinds' Whereabouts
24. Akai Kaidoh-no TozokuThe Henna Highway Horde
25. Parro-no WaltzPatterns in Parros
26. KutsukouArcus Albulus
27. Hikari-no KojyoPlatinum Princess
28. Alceis-no HimitsuArcanum of Alceis
29. Yami-no ShisaiMagus of the Macabre
30. Cylon-no Hyouto-shogunCougarhead Commodore
31. Jarn-no HiJustice of Jarn
32. Janus-no TatakaiJanus' Juggle
33. Mongaul-no FukkatsuThe Magnificent Mongaul
34. Ai-no ArashiFrenzy of Fascination
35. Kami-no TeSwear on a Sword
36. Ken-no Chikai 
37. Crystal-no Kon'reiCeremony in Crystal
38. Niji-no Michi 
39. Kuroi HonoThe Black Blaze
40. Amnelia-no WanaAmnelian Artifice
41. Shishi-no Seiza 
42. Karehnu-no Kaikou 
43. Elzyme-no TatakaiEmbattled in Elzyme
44. Hono-no Alceis 
45. Yulania-no Shonen 
46. Yami-no naka-no On'ryoThe Caliginous Cabals
47. Amnelis-no Kon'yakuAmnelis Affianced
48. Utsukushiki RyoshuThe Purple Prisoner
49. Hi-no KanseiThe Scarlet Snare
50. Yami-no Bisho 
51. Doal-no JidaiDoal the Doommaker
52. Igyo-no AsuThe Distorted Dawn
53. Garm-no HyotekiThe Gnarled Garmr
54. Kogyokukyu-no SangekiThe Sardius Slaughter
55. Gohra-no Ichiban Nagai HiThe Glinn in Gohra
56. Yabo-no Jyokyoku 
57. Yeahne-no Hoshi-no shitaniIn the Judgement of Yeahne
58. Un'mei-no MargaThe Moirai in Marga
59. Haoh-no MichiThe Wielder's Way
60. Garm-no HofukuThe Righteous Retribution
61. Akai GekiryuThe Sanguinary Stream
62. Yulania Saigo-no HiThe Yowls of Yulania
63. Toki-no UshioThe Tide of Time
64. Gohra-no Sen'ohThe Grasper of Gohra
65. Taka-to AerisThe Accipiter and Aeris
66. Kokutaishi-no Himitsu
The Esoterics of the Ebony Prince
67. Kaze-no BankaA Requiem in the Rafale
68. Hyoutoh Shogun-no KikanThe Regal Remigrants
69. ShuraThe Aceldama
70. Hyouto-Oh no TanjyouPantherking Proclaimed
71. Arashi no Lunoria 
72. Parro no kumonParros in Pain
73. Chijyo saidai no Madoh-shiThe Most Mightful Magus
74. Shiren-no RounoriaRounoria in the Rigor
75. Dai-doshi AgrippaAgrippa the Acharya
76. Ma no SeiikiThe Bethel of Belial
77. Giwaku no GesshokuEarie Eclipse
78. Rounoria no KisekiThe Resurrected Rounoria
79. Ruear no TsunobueRuear Revealed
80. Jarn-no TsubasaThe Flying of the Fate
81. Makai no Koku'inSinister Signs
82. Aura no SentakuThe Aural Afflatus
83. Arashi no Shishi-tachiWarriors in the Whirlwind
84. GoukaThe Fires of Fate
85. Shinkiro-no KanataThe Moment of the Mirage
86. Un'mei-no ItogurumaThe Wheel of the Weirds
87. Jarn-no Toki-no TokiThe Time of the Threnetic Time
88. Hoshi-no SousoThe Cortege Constellations
89. Muma-no OhjiThe Sapling of Satan
90. Kyofu-no KiriA Menacing Mist
91. Makyu-no KoboThe Besieged Blaze
92. Fukkatsu-no AsaThe Sacred Sunrise
93. Nessa-no HohrohshaThe Plutonian Pilgrimage
94. Eien-e'no HishohFlight to Forever
95. Doal-no KoDoalien the Doomed
96. HyotoOh-no YukuePalingenesis of the Panther-King
Side Story
Original Title
English Title
1. Shichinin-no MadohshiThe Seven Sorcerers
2. Aeris-no IshiAmulet of Aeris
3. Yurei-senA Vessel that Vanished
4. Hyosetsu-no Jyo'ohFemme Frost
5. Toki-no Fudo 
6. Valachia-no ShonenVenturer of Valachia
7. Jyurokusai-no ShozohSilhouettes at Sixteen
8. Hoshi-no Fune, Kaze-no TsubasaStarry Ship, Windy Wings
9. Magnolia-no KaizokuMutineers of Magnolia
10. Yureito-no SenshiThe Warrior in the Worldof Wrath
11. Ferahla-no MajyoThe Fascinator of Ferah-la
12. Maoh-no Kuni-no SenshiThe Warrior in the World of the Wizard
13. Kimen-no TohThe Tower of Theurgy
14. Muma-no Yottsu-no TobiraThe Mouth of the Morbid Mares
15. Hotan Saigo-no TatakaiThe Horrendous Havoc of Hotan
16. Shinkirou-no ShojoThe Maiden of Mirage
17. TakarajimaThe Threatening Treasure Vols.1 & 2
18. Kieta JyokanThe Casebook of Ald Nalis: Disappearing Dames D'Honneur
19. HatsukoiAffaire D'Amour
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